Air-Sea War

I skipped Videopac 3.  Given the title, ‘American Football’, I don’t think it would be my cup of tea.  To be honest had it been ordinary Football I don’t think it would have been for me.  Videopac 4 on the other hand sounds a bit more interesting – ‘Air-Sea War / Battle’.  Thankfully it doesn’t disappoint.


If you remember ‘Spinout’ on Videopac 1 then ‘Battle’ would be familiar to you.  The Scalextric racing cars have been replaced with tanks.  As tanks you now have the ability to fire shots so the aim changes from racing around a track to hunting down and obliterating your opponent.

In total their are 12 variations of this two player game.  The best versions are G-I depending on how many barriers you want to navigate between you and your opponent.  You have choices between mine and no mines, and whether your shots can be controlled.  G-I have mines turned on and shot control of, which I think is the best combination.

In some ways, as a two player game, ‘Battle’ can be more fun than ‘Air-Sea War’ especially with more barriers for you to hide behind an plan ambushes.

Air-Sea War

Although officially a two player game, ‘Air-Sea War’ is sufficiently challenging and enjoyable for a single player.  You play either an airplane or submarine and must time your missile launches to destroy your opponent.  Game options include front or rear missile launch and controlled missiles.  The game seems to work best, either single or two player, with controlled missiles.

You can move your sub or plane up or down the screen and adjust it’s speed to help you aim and avoid missiles.  There are a couple of boats floating past that you need to avoid.  You get a point every time you take out your opponent but a point is deducted if you hit one of the neutral boats.

‘Air-Sea War’ has an arcade feel  that I’d like to see more of on the TV game center.  By far the best game available for the Videopac to date